Previous Productions

Some previous KBDG productions

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Main productions

A night of comedy and drama, April 17

Cinderella, November 16

Thoroughly Murdered Millie – a Murder Mystery, April 16

The Emperors New Clothes, November 2015 – (Review)

Kindertransport, November 2014 – (Review)

Murder in KBS?, April 2014

The O’Conner Girls, November 2013

Steel Magnolias, November 2012

Who Killed The Director?,

Tales from the Whispering House, November 2011

Silly Cow, by Ben Elton, May 2011(Review)

Be My Baby, by Amanda Whittington, November 2010(Review)

Spring 2010 – no production

A Brief Encounter with Noel Coward, November 2009(Review)

The Memory of Water, by Shelagh Stephenson, May 2009(Review)

The Accrington Pals, by Peter Whelan, November 2008(Review)

Ladies Day, by Amanda Whittington, April 2008(Review)

Popcorn, by Ben Elton, November 2007(Review)
The Collector, by Mark Healy, April 2007(Review)
Pretzels for Dinner, by Janet Shaw, November 2006(Review)
Cash on Delivery, by Michael Cooney, April 2006
Summer End, by Eric Chappell, November 2005
Joining the Club, and Last Tango in Little Grimley, both by David Tristram, and Black Comedy, by Peter Shaffer, April 2005.
Abandonment, by Kate Atkinson, November 2004
Visiting Hour by Richard Harris, April 2004
Wait Until Dark by Frederick Knott, November 2003
Inspector Drake’s Last Case, by David Tristram, April 2003
‘Allo, ‘Allo, by Jeremy LLoyd and David Croft, November 2002
California Suite, by Neil Simon, May 2002
Something to Hide, by Leslie Sands, November 2001
Out of Focus, by Peter Gordon, April 2001
Noises Off, by Michael Frayne, November 2000
Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime by Oscar Wilde, adp. Constance Cox, April 2000
House of Dracula by , November 1999
Let’s Pretend, Vanessa Brooks, April 1999
She Stoops to Conquer, by Oliver Goldsmith November, 1998
The Happiest Days of Your Life, by John Dighton, April/May 1998
Any Number Can Die, by Fred Carmichael, November 1997
A Chorus of Disapproval, by Alan Ayckbourn, April 1997
Bazaar and Rummage, by Sue Townsend plus
Gosforth’s Fete by Alan Ayckbourn, November 1996
Stepping Out, by Richard Harris, April 1996
Local Affairs, by Richard Harris, November 1995
Spring 1995 – no production.
Outside Edge, by Richard Harris, November 1994
Natural Causes, by Eric Chappell, May 1994
Run for Your Wife, by Ray Cooney, November 1993
Barefoot in the Park, by Neil Simon, April 1993
Autumn 1992 – no production
Situation Comedy, by Brian Cooke and Johnnie Mortimer, April 1992
Anybody for Murder, by Brian Clemens & Dennis Spooner, Autumn 1991
Happy Birthday, by Marc Camoletti & Beverley Cross, May 1991
Relatively Speaking, Alan Aykbourne?, Autumn 1990
Breath of Spring, Autumn 1989
Wolfsbane, by Georgine Reid, April 1989
The Importance of being Ernest, by Oscar Wilde, Autumn 1988
Pardon Me Prime Minister, by Edward Taylor & John Graham, April 1988
Key for Two, by John Chapman & Dave Freeman, November 1987
The Haunting of Hill House, April 1987
With Vacant Possession, November 1986
Gaslight, April 1986
Boeing Boeing, Autumn1985
Abigail’s party, by Mike Leigh, Spring 1985
Last Of the Red Hot Lovers, by Neil Simon, Autumn 1984
Outside Edge, by Richard Harris, Spring 1984
Dial M For Murder, by Frederick Knott, Autumn 1983
How the Other Half Loves, by Alan Aykbourne, Spring 1983
Ghost Train, Autumn 1982
Present Laughter, by Noel Coward, Spring 1982
Not Now Darling, Autumn 1981
Ten Little Niggers, by Agatha Christie, Spring 1981
Pool’s Paradise, Autumn 1980
Spring and Port Wine, Spring 1980

Productions up to and including ‘With Vacant Possession’ were in the old hall.

Festival Productions

The Extraordinary Revelations of Orca The Goldfish, 2013

The Summer of my Thirtieth Year, by Mark Rees, 2010
When a Man Knows, by Alan Richardson, 2009
Kill Jill, by Mark Wheeller, 2009
Please Don’t Tell, by Les Clarke, 2008
Mediocrity by Anton Robert Krueger, The Canary Cage by Diana Raffle, 2007
Henna Night, by Amy Rosenthal, 2006 (Colin Dexter Award winner)
Joining the Club, and Last Tango in Little Frimley, by David Tristram, 2005
Plaster, from Visiting Hour by Richard Harris, 2004
Orca the Goldfish, 2003
Wings of an Angel, 1999
Gosforth’s Fete, 1997
The Proposal, by Anton Chekhov, 1992
A Visit From Miss Prothero, Alan Bennett, 1991
The Intruders, by Peter Horsler (Holt?), 1990
Chocolate Cake by Gallagher, 1990
Nasty Things, Murders, by Arthur Lovegrove, 1989
The Rats, by Agatha Christie,1987
Bazaar & Rummidge, by Sue Townsend, June 1986
Pound On Demand, Winter 1985
A Slight Accident & The Monkey’s Paw, September 1984
A Simple Act of Passion, by Trevor Walker, 1982
Losers / Lovers, by Brian Friel, 1981

Special Productions

For One Night Only, An evening of miscellaneous poetry, prose, music, and more…, February 2008