Get your tickets now! Daisy Pulls It Off – use the booking form above.

Daisy Flyer

Our next production will be Daisy Pulls It Off by Denise Deegan. Rehearsals are underway and we will have more information on how to book tickets shortly. In the mean time save a date to come and see it between the 19th and 21st April.

Daisy Pulls It Off is a comedy play by Denise Deegan. It is a parody of wholesome adventure stories about life in a 1920s girls’ English boarding school, such as those by Angela Brazil. The original production of the play tested at the Nuffield Theatre in 1983, then ran for 1,180 performances at the Globe Theatre.

Energetic Daisy Meredith, a girl from a poor background, is forced to face and overcome snobbish prejudice and schoolgirl pranks from the wealthier girls. She and her best friend, zany Trixie Martin, search for the missing treasure that could save the fortunes of the exclusive Grangewood School for Young Ladies. Along the way, Daisy overcomes false accusation and saves the lives of her enemies.

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